Mom is my best friend

A mother is a mother, but sometimes a mother is more than a close friend. How often do you talk to your mom? When you have something, do you call your mom before anyone else? The intimacy of the mother and child, each pair is different. In fact, the intimacy between you and mom can be called your mom is your best friend.

Here are 10 things to show mother is the best friend

  1. Mother plays with children since they were borne.
  2. Mother is the first person to think about when child have problem.
  3. Mother knows her children well more than the others in this world.
  4. Mother listens carefully to the problems and stories of her children.
  5. Mother’s advice is important to children. And Child’s advice is important to Mom as well.
  6. Mother will always tell children the truth.
  7. Mother always cares about children, no matter how much they grow. And mother is always worried Because she cares most of her children.
  8. Mother will love children even when children don’t love themselves.
  9. Mother listens to child’s opinion and tries to understand her child.
  10. Love of Mom and child will never broken

Because mother is the person who understands children the most, no matter how several times of arguing between mom and child then both of them will be back to each other as if nothing happened. those who have completed 10 points, you are so lucky

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